Stanford University

Class of ’24

F ’20 – college zoom

Since September 2020, I’ve been an undergraduate at Stanford.



  • CS+Social Good - Using CS in a way that’s socially mindful and equitable.
  • SymSys Society - An organization for students who love symbolic systems!

(I want to get involved with more organizations once I’m on campus in-person.)


I plan to major in Symbolic Systems, though I’m still undeclared. I like Symbolic Systems because it allows me to complement my love of computer science with coursework in design, philosophy, math, psychology, and linguistics—all of which are fields I’m fascinated with.

Winter 2021
  • CS 147 — Intro to Human-Computer Interaction
  • CS 109 — Intro to Probability for Computer Scientists
  • LINGUIST 30N — Linguistic Meaning and the Law
  • THINK 66 — Design that Understands Us
  • CS 199P — Independent Project (teaching CS106S; non-graded)
Fall 2020
  • CS 107 - Computer Organization and Systems
  • SYMSYS 1 - Minds and Machines
  • MATH 51 - Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, and Modern Applications
  • INTLPOL 268D - Online Open Source Investigation
  • CSRE 157B - Election 2020 (speaker series; non-graded)
  • CS 547 - Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (speaker series; non-graded)