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PACTF, Teaching, Torch
Sp ’17 –


I ran PACTF, a global cybersecurity competition with over 1,000 teams and $20,000 in prizes, in 2017 and 2018.

  • After being a participant in PACTF 2016, in 2017 I became the project lead (with Alex Reichenbach).
  • Managed sponsors, problem sets, advertising, and digital infrastructure (effectively the entire competition, though I couldn’t have done it without help from the project mentors and the rest of the team).
  • Sponsors include Amazon, J.P. Morgan, DigitalOcean, ProtonMail, Cloudflare, Carnegie Mellon University CyLab (Security and Privacy Institute), Carnegie Mellon University Information Networking Institute, and Phillips Academy Andover.


I have taught several summer computer science courses. It’s always a lot of fun; often, we use Minecraft as a sandbox for our code. Sometimes, we’re able to cover the entire AP CS curriculum in less than three months!


I worked at Torch, an NYC-based tech and politics startup, in the summer of 2017. Torch provides social intelligence for nonprofits and philanthropic organizations.

  • Led the development of Torch’s “scraping” technology at the time (OpenParser).
  • Rebranded a major element of the Torch platform (“watchlists”), making the platform more immediately useful and accessible to non-technical users.
  • Provided the company with gigabytes of invaluable civic information from various APIs.
  • Position obtained after they reached out to me about

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