More skills

Hackathons, ham radio
W ’01 –


I love hackathons, whether it’s as a participant or—as of recently—a judge. It’s hard to replicate the thrill of building.

  • HackNEHS 1st place (Fall 2017): won first place in HackNEHS, a ‘hackathon’ for New England high schools.
  • Blueprint (@ MIT) 2nd place (Winter 2018): won second place in Blueprint, a national annual hackathon hosted at the MIT Media Lab.
  • Hack Exeter (Spring 2019): won the Developer’s Award at Hack Exeter, a hackathon hosted at Phillips Exeter Academy.
  • CyberPatriot X (Fall-Winter 2018): competed in the Platinum division with Blueshells.
  • HackACE 1st place (tied) (Winter 2017): tied for first place in HackACE.

Ham Radio

I am a licensed Ham Radio operator, and my callsign is KD2HZZ. I’d like to get more involved with the hobby, but it’s hard to put up an antenna in New York City!