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COVID, drones, privacy
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You can see an overview of my research on my Google Scholar page.

An Investigation of Social Media Labeling Decisions Preceding the 2020 U.S. Election (November 2023)

Platforms’ content moderation decisions play a large role in mediating online discourse, especially during elections. What content did platforms label as misleading in the run up to the 2020 election? And were platforms consistent in their labeling decisions? In this paper, we leverage a unique dataset to answer these questions.

Perceptions of Privacy in the COVID-19 Pandemic (December 2020)

In this paper, Dr. Baobao Zhang, Dr. Sarah Kreps, Nina McMurry, and I explored public perceptions of privacy towards COVID-19 contact tracing apps. I don’t want to overstate my involvement, though—I only contributed some additional framing, prose, and final touches to the project.

Origins of Oversight

In this research project, Dr. Sarah Kreps and I processed the entire modern congressional record to study the determinants of foreign policy oversight in Congress. Co-authored with Dr. Kreps. The source code for much of the project is available on GitHub.

  • Presented by Dr. Kreps at Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown, and UC Santa Barbara.
  • Co-authored popular opinion piece in the Washington Post.

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