Phillips Academy Andover

Class of ’19, cum laude
F ’15 – Sp ’19

I went to Andover for 9th through 12th grade. I was lucky to be able to do several independent projects in my senior year on digital propaganda, censorship, cybersecurity, and surveillance.


  • Aurelian Honor Society Award (for character, scholarship, and leadership)
  • Cum Laude Society (for high marks)
  • Webster Prize, 10th grade (for excellence in the social sciences)
  • David G. Wood Fellowship, 10th grade (for excellence in writing)
  • Winfield M. Sides Prize, 11th grade (for excellence in computer science)
  • Scoville Award, 11th grade (for an outstanding original paper or project)
  • Top Score in Physics 400 prize exam, 10th grade


  • Varsity Rowing, 1st boat (11th grade)
  • Wrestling (former)

Leadership Positions

  • Techmasters (co-president)
  • Computer Science Club (co-president)
  • GSA (gender & sexuality alliance; co-president)
  • Proctor (Flagg House)
  • Writing Center (Work Duty)

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