A grayscale picture of my face

Hey, I'm Miles.

I enjoy designing, breaking, and studying systems.

I’m interested in systems of justice, tech policy, cybersecurity, governance, and human-centered design. My projects, research, and commentary have appeared in several outlets including the Washington Post, the New York Times, NBC News, Foreign Affairs, Brookings, and the Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Some of the projects I’m most proud of are PrivacySpy, Shynet, PolitiTweet, my work with Prof. Sarah Kreps at her Tech Policy Lab, and a17t. And finally, for the obligatory apostrophe soup: PA ’19, RC S1 ’20, Stanford ’24, EOT. More details are in my portfolio.


I’m currently in Zoom School—erm, I mean college—and am enjoying my courses, even if I’m missing out on much of the college experience. I’m in Charleston, South Carolina.


You can email me at [email protected]. On GitHub, I am milesmcc; this is where most of my projects live. On Twitter, I am @MilesMcCain, but I don’t post frequently (I write micros instead). You can also find me on HN, Reddit, Keybase, and Lobsters. My PGPs are he/him/his.


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